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Take Your Kratom on the Go

A man ties his boots next to a bottle of liquid kratom

Running late? On the go? Out and about? No worries: Kratom Spot’s got you covered, ‘cuz you’ve got top-quality kratom on the go.

Our liquid kratom extract shots are the perfect way to enjoy kratom on the go. Convenient, tasty, fast-acting, and potent — they’re the ultimate tool for enjoying kratom whenever and wherever life may take you.

Unparalleled Convenience

Kratom’s great, but it won’t always fit easily into your busy schedule. Powder needs to be scooped and weighed. Oblate discs need to be packed. Tea needs to be brewed.

Simply put, traditional kratom just isn’t well suited to life on the move, so you may have to go without it when life gets busy.

But with liquid kratom shots? Your kratom dose is as ready for action as you are.

  • No prep
  • No measurement
  • No mess
  • No cleanup

They’re tiny enough to toss in your pocket or bag, take only a few seconds to sip or chug, and deliver big kratom potency wherever your adventures lead you.

Fast-Acting Dosage

When you take your kratom, you want to feel its effects fast, and that’s just what you get with liquid kratom shots.

If you take kratom powder, your body is going to need some time to break down that powder and extract the kratom alkaloids that make the magic happen.

With liquid kratom, that process is significantly sped up, as the liquid is far easier and faster to break down.

It’s a lot like drinking kratom tea: because the alkaloids have already been extracted and suspended, they’re available for your body to absorb and use almost immediately.

So if you’re feeling a lull at work or the gym, an energizing kratom boost can be just a few quick sips away!

Custom Dosage

Most times, convenience comes at the cost of customization. And because kratom’s effects are dose-dependent, that customization is key!

That’s why we offer a variety of potency options — to offer a base for customizing your liquid kratom dose and ensure you’re able to have the kratom dose and experience that’s appropriate for you.

Note that the stronger kratom shots are meant for sipping, which allows you to customize your dose even further, getting multiple doses or topping off throughout the day as needed.

With these potency options, there’s no trading convenience for customization. With Kratom Spot’s liquid kratom shots, you get it all.

Top-Quality White Kratom Extracts

To match the on-the-go use for our kratom shots, we’ve been sure to pick the most synergistic kratom strains.

For life on the go and out and about, you’re probably looking to get a midday boost to energy, attention, focus, and mood. And for that, there’s no better option than white vein kratom strains.

Whether you’re hiking, dancing, shopping, or socializing, this infusion of white vein kratom alkaloids is the perfect way to maintain your energy and focus, get back in the game, and work at your peak effectiveness throughout the day.

Want an in-depth run-down on why white vein kratom is the perfect fit for our kratom shots? See our blog on Why Products Use White Vein Kratom!

Unbeatable Flavors

At home or on the go, making kratom taste better is always a good idea. And luckily, our kratom extract shots may be the tastiest kratom in town.

Between our delightful Chocolate Mint Kratom Shot and our cheery Orange Cream Kratom Shot, there’s a taste to please any palate.

Heck, if you want the natural kratom experience, we’ve even got an unflavored, ultra-powerful Maeng Da Liquid Extract Shot!

Point being, these puppies aren’t just convenient — they also bring new levels of enjoyment to every dose.