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The World of Kratom Bars

The World of Kratom Bars

When you think of a ‘night on the town’, kratom may not be the first thing that springs to mind. And yet, throughout the world, kratom is becoming a more popular alternative to a night of drunken debauchery. Forget your gin joints, whiskey lounges, and wine rooms: kratom bars have arrived in a big way.

Kratom bars are a sort of hybrid between traditional bars, cafes, and smoothie shops; the predictable difference? These are hotspots where the kratom community can gather to enjoy beverages infused with their favorite botanical.

While kratom tea and other beverages have long been a community-favorite way to enjoy this potent ethnobotanical, the emergence of kratom bars is relatively new. These shrines to our favorite plant are popping up all over the place — and though you may not know it, there’s likely one near you (if you only know where to look).

What’s the Appeal of Kratom Bars, Anyhow?

Well, what’s the appeal of kratom? And, for that matter, what’s the appeal of even a traditional bar? (And no, kratom bars don’t tend to serve alcohol).

The answers to both questions will vary from person to person, but the reasons are positively legion. Here are a few of the most obvious reasons you might enjoy a night of tippling at your local kratom bar.

    1. The Bar Experience, Minus the Hangover
      Kratom bars offer much of the same draw as a traditional bar or pub. Key difference? When you drink kratom, you don’t risk that miserable hangover that so often follows a night of drunken debauchery. But sitting around, sipping on kratom tea or a delicious kratom smoothie with good company? That makes for a lovely way to relax, melt away the worries of the world, and enjoy the evening.
    2. Quality Kratom Beverages, Prepared by Professionals
      Sometimes, you just want to enjoy a tasty beverage. Whether you’re a fan of kratom tea or prefer something a little bit more exotic, kratom bars are in the business of doing it right. Of course, you could always try your hand at making a delicious kratom tea or enjoy one of Kratom Spot’s deliciously flavored Kratom Shots. But the quality and variety of drinks you’ll find at your local kratom bar may be nothing short of artisanal.
    3. Meet and Speak With Interesting, Like-Minded Folk
      As passionate as the kratom community is about our favorite plant, kratom use tends to be a relatively private affair. Even if your friends or workmates regularly use kratom, you may be completely unaware of the shared interest! At kratom bars, that’s simply not the case. Kratom use is a de facto reality for all patrons, and you have an easy-in for conversations and friendship based on mutually shared interests!

Sounds good? We certainly think so. Of course, the reasons for patronizing your local kratom bar go far beyond what we’ve listed here, and there will be differences in the feel and culture of each bar. But with a bit of trial and error, we’re sure that’ll keep you coming back.

Finding Kratom Bars Near You: Tricks of the Trade

If you google “kratom bar near me”, odds are you’ll have a bit of trouble finding good results. Funny thing is, looking for a kratom bar may not be your best way to find one.

Quite frequently, you’ll have better luck looking for a kava bar, even if the only thing that whets your appetite is wetting your whistle with kratom. In fact, many such bars do not actively advertise that they serve kratom at all! Why? Because despite their similarities in effects and audience, kava and kratom have very different reputations.

Kava’s reputation is reasonably unscathed. Meanwhile, kratom has struggled with social stigma, murky legal status, and attempted FDA bans throughout various parts of the country. Long story short: to avoid that stigma, many would-be kratom bars have branched into kava and advertise that fact more loudly.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that your local kava bar will also be a kratom bar. As always, communication is key: once you’ve found a few good options, a quick call or a bit of research online are sure to get the answers you seek.

Pro tip: although comparatively rare, you may also have some luck looking for “ketum bars” rather than kava and kratom bars. It’s another word for kratom, more popular in its native Southeast Asia, but certain kratom communities prefer to keep to the old ways like that.

Kava and Kratom and Ketum, Oh My! It’s unfortunate that one needs to jump through such hoops to enjoy a night of kratom tea with a like-minded crowd, but a good kratom bar is absolutely worth the search.

Or if you prefer to enjoy your kratom by yourself, find and order the best kratom products from Kratom Spot.