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What is Mayan Kratom?

The mythical Mayan kratom strain atop an ancient map

Mayan Kratom is the name of a kratom vendor. It is NOT a mysterious, Mesoamérican kratom strain cultivated by the Maya civilization. Examples of real, high-quality kratom strains include Thailand-derived Maeng Da and Green Malay kratom, harvested from the diverse jungles of Malaysia. Kratom does not grow wildly outside of Southeast Asia. Furthermore, the Maya civilization existed in present-day Guatemala, beginning around 250 AD, long before historical records of kratom use began to emerge. In recent years, however, a handful of kratom blogs have perpetuated the misconception that a “Mayan kratom” strain may actually exist. These blogs do this in order to generate clicks, spike ad revenue, and (as a result) get you to buy kratom products.

Kratom Spot believes in creating an integral and honest kratom industry. As an emerging, health-focused marketplace, kratom vendors need to collectively add accountability to this space. Kratom should not be driven entirely by profit, especially where the false marketing of a mythical Mayan kratom is concerned. Instead, we should focus on the fundamentals of why we use this great plant in the first place: Our continued livelihood and wellness!

If a kratom vendor is not putting their best foot forward to offer you high-quality kratom products with exceptional benefits to your daily well-being, don’t bother.

What About Mayan Kratom, the Brand?

From what we can tell, Mayan Kratom (the brand) is nothing spectacular. For starters, we have not provided a link to their site because it is not protected by HTTPS, widely used by websites to encrypt data and communications between servers (the internet) and clients (internet users). Using a site without HTTPS puts you at risk for a variety of digital attacks.

In addition to the lack of security on their website, Mayan Kratom:

  • Offers five kratom strains, if you can call them that: Maeng Da, Maeng Da Supreme, Premium Bali, Green Malay, and just Red Vein (no strain origin).
  • Sells only three product types: 30g kratom powder, 40-count kratom capsules, and 20-count kratom capsules.
  • Does not signify strain color (aside from Red Vein in the strains list, above).
  • Does not allow you to check out on their website (there is only a phone number listed).

Other kratom vendors have written not-so-savory reviews of the Mayan Kratom brand as well. Overall, we believe that Mayan Kratom is not an upfront and honest kratom vendor. Instead, we suggest that you buy kratom from American Kratom Association (AKA)-certified vendors like Kratom Spot!

The Kratom Spot Difference

We will never try to sell you a sham kratom product like the mythical Mayan kratom strain. Furthermore, we’ve dedicated countless research hours to cataloging various kratom scams, helping users avoid high-markup, low-quality products.

All of our kratom products are third-party lab tested prior to packaging and sale. They contain absolutely no contaminants, adulterants, additives, or fillers. We not only sell kratom, we use it, believe in it, and understand the benefits gained from Mitragyna speciosa trees, responsible for kratom. We hope that all kratom vendors learn from our example and do away with Mayan kratom and other untrustworthy marketing tactics.