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Why We Don’t Give Free Kratom Samples

Free Kratom Samples

Some companies give free kratom samples, whether to new customers or some other arrangement. Kratom Spot does not. And while that might turn off some prospective users, there’s a good reason for it.

In short: we stand by our product as the world’s highest quality kratom; “free kratom” samples are often of inferior quality; and we offer a number of other incentives to new users that should more than make up the difference.

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch Kratom Sample

The old adage about lunches is as true of kratom as it is anything else.

The fact of the matter is that supposedly “free” kratom samples simply aren’t. Manufacturers advertising these samples do recoup their costs in one way or another.

Sometimes it’s through an inflated shipping charge that actually covers the cost of the product. Sometimes it’s a requirement to post links on your social media accounts, leave a positive review, or otherwise provide free advertising for the brand.

Regardless of the particular scheme, there’s one thing that these “free sample” programs have in common: you’re still paying one way or another, whether it be with mislabeled fees or with services you provide.

The Other Problem With “Free” Kratom: Inferior Quality

Even if you find a vendor offering free kratom samples with little obvious downside, the sad fact of the matter is that you’ll most likely be getting a product of inferior quality.

Sometimes, vendors will be left with a surplus of unsold kratom just sitting on their shelves. As the product ages, it becomes less potent, effective, and enjoyable. (Pro tip: always do what you can to keep your kratom fresh).

Instead of letting their surplus kratom languish on the shelf, many vendors will simply repackage it into smaller quantities and sell this less-than-fresh kratom leaf under a new label.

Any guess where this inferior product often goes? That’s right: “free” kratom samples.

More often than not, what you’ll get in your free sample is an old strain that the vendor simply couldn’t sell any other way. And that raises questions as to why. Was the strain of reduced potency? Did it fail some aspect of laboratory testing? Inferior in some other way?

Regardless, the takeaway: the product you’ll receive from free kratom samples is often going to be of sharply reduced quality and far from the best that the kratom world can provide.

What Does Kratom Spot Offer?

Kratom Spot does not offer free kratom samples, but we stand by what we do offer as the very best option for users of all stripes.

Our users’ satisfaction is of the very highest importance to us. We sell only the highest quality kratom you’ll find anywhere.

We’ll never repackage or sell old kratom. We’ll never hide costs. We’ll never offer kratom products of lower potency or quality. We’ll never skip out on the all-important laboratory testing that proves the quality and safety of the products you’ll receive.

In short, we bring only the world’s very best kratom.

Understandably, prospective users may be looking for some sort of guarantee or special offer before settling on a vendor once and for all. Here are a few of the things we offer:

Affordable Small Batch Kratom

We know that different users have different needs. Sometimes, users may not even be sure what those needs are. When that’s the case, buying a small batch may be just what the doctor ordered.

Kratom Spot offers users a variety of sizes on every product. If you’re looking for a sample, our 1oz powders make for an ideal way of trying out a new strain before you stock up for the savings that bulk brings.

What’s more: our small-batch powders are priced so that you’ll be paying what other vendors charge for “free” kratom samples with their hidden fees and inflated shipping.

Kratom Sample Packs

Oftentimes when you’re looking for kratom samples, it’s so that you can find the strains that work best for your needs.

And for that? Well, our kratom sample packs may be the perfect solution.

Whether you’re a diehard fan of red, white, or green veins, a Maeng Da connoisseur, or a novice taking their first forays into the kratom world, we’ve got you covered. We offer:

Regardless of your choice, these variety packs offer an affordable way to sample the very highest quality kratom so you can find what works best for you.

And once you find that ideal strain? Well, our discount bulk kratom allows you to stock up and save big on your favorites.

Quality Kratom With a Satisfaction Guarantee

Chief among our offerings? A 100% satisfaction guarantee on absolutely everything that we sell.

Though we stand by our kratom products, we know that different users have different needs. That’s why we guarantee satisfaction with every purchase.

Don’t like the product you received? Contact our customer service to arrange a return or exchange for something else.

So while we don’t offer the supposedly “free” kratom samples you’ll find from some other vendors, we go above and beyond to make sure that you’ll be elated with every kratom product you try.

We don’t believe that free kratom samples exist, but satisfied kratom customers? We’re in the business of making those each and every day.