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How Long Does Kratom Last?

How Long Does Kratom Last

How long does kratom last? It’s one of the most popular questions we hear from the Kratom Spot community, and for good reason. When you’re planning your daily schedule, it’s valuable to know how long the effects of kratom are likely to stick around!

In this article, we’ll be covering the basics of how kratom powder interacts with the body, how the body processes kratom, and answering the question “how long does kratom last” after you’ve taken it.

Note: This article is not talking about the shelf-life of kratom nor about “how long does kratom last” in the fridge, the pantry, etc. But good news, we’ve got you covered there, too! If you’re looking for information on storing your kratom and keeping it at top-quality, then take a look at our in-depth guide to Keeping Your Kratom Fresh!

Kratom’s Effects and Duration are Dose-Dependent

Regular kratom users will likely be aware that kratom’s effects are dose-dependent. That means that a microdose of kratom will have different effects than a small dose, and high doses will offer yet another different experience.

Although it doesn’t get as much discussion, the duration of kratom’s effects is also dose-dependent, though to a lesser extent than are the effects themselves.

Why? Well, it’s all a matter of chemistry and the concept of “half-life”. We’ll cover everything you need to know about this important concept in just a moment; but first, an important clarification:

With kratom, proper dosage is everything. Learning to properly measure your dose of kratom will ensure that you have a consistent, more enjoyable experience every time. And, since we’re on the topic of how long does kratom last, let’s also note that taking too much kratom won’t just result in a different experience than you were hoping for, but it will also increase the length of that (possibly unpleasant!) experience!

Kratom’s Half-Life

Whenever you ingest a substance that, like caffeine or kratom, affects your body’s physiology, it doesn’t stick around forever! Over time, the body processes the substance, absorbing some and excreting the rest. The scientific community measures the length of this process by “half-life” — that is, the amount of time the body requires to process one half of the substance currently present in the body. The longer the substance’s half-life, the longer its effects will last.

Like any substance, kratom has a half-life, but there’s disagreement about how long. Does kratom last forever? Obviously not, but different sources disagree on the precise length of kratom’s half-life.

According to a 2015 study, which remains the most accurate source on the subject, kratom has a half-life of just under 24 hours. So, if you take a gram of kratom at noon on Tuesday, you’ll likely have about half a gram still in your system at noon on Wednesday.

How Does Kratom’s Half-Life Affect How Long Kratom’s Effects Last?

So, if kratom’s half-life is a full day, does that mean that kratom’s effects last for days at a time? Absolutely not. To understand why, let’s take a look at another common nootropic: kratom’s cousin, coffee.

When you take your morning cup of joe, the caffeine in your coffee goes to work. The main effect of this is to put a bit of pep in your step and give you the energy to greet the day. As regular coffee users will tell you, it works pretty quickly, but caffeine’s effects fade fairly soon after you’ve downed your cup.

The reason is precisely the same as why kratom’s effects don’t last for days.

Although caffeine’s half-life is about 6 hours, its effects “peak” about 45 minutes after consumption, then gradually fade away. That’s not to say that caffeine’s effects are gone after an hour or two; indeed, you may feel noticeable effects for several hours afterward. Just that the effects diminish after that period.

The same holds true for kratom.

So How Long Does Kratom Last?

But how long does kratom last? Well, if we extrapolate from the above coffee example, we’ll find that the numbers match up fairly well with most users’ anecdotal accounts!

Again, kratom’s half-life is estimated to be around 24 hours. Caffeine’s half-life is around 6 hours.

Based on these numbers, we might expect that kratom’s peak effects would last for around four times as long as caffeine’s. So, if caffeine lasts about 45 minutes, it follows that kratom’s peak effects would last for about 3 hours!

And, indeed, many users report that this number is solidly in line with their experience. Of course, everyone’s physiology is different, and everyone will react differently to kratom. Moreover, remember that, just as with caffeine, you’ll likely continue to feel some of kratom’s effects after this “peak” time is over. As with any substance you ingest, it will take several half-lives before all of your kratom dose is eliminated from the body.

How Long Does Kratom Last In Your System?

Although this may seem like a different way of asking how long does kratom last, it’s actually a very different issue! Like virtually any substance you take, kratom lingers in the body for a while, even after its effects have passed.

For most users, that isn’t terrifically important. However, if you have an upcoming drug test and you’re worried about kratom showing up on it, knowing how long kratom stays in your system is an important detail.

First, though, an important note: Kratom does not show up on most standard drug tests. And for good reason! Kratom is legal throughout the vast majority of the United States, it is reasonably obscure, and its effects aren’t comparable with those of the most commonly tested banned substances. As such, it’s extremely unlikely that your upcoming drug test will detect kratom in your system — and even if it did, it’s unlikely the testing agency would care! But if you’re still worried, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

As mentioned above, it is believed that kratom has a half-life of just under 24 hours. Depending on the type of test used, this means that kratom could be detected for up to a week after final use.

Urine tests detect the metabolites of substances in your body, so they can typically detect substances for a longer period than can other standard tests. Most sources agree that urine tests can detect kratom for seven to nine days after use.

Blood tests find only substances still present in their original form, so they have a briefer detection window than urine tests. Most sources agree that blood tests can detect kratom for two to three days after use.

How Long Does Kratom Last, In Closing

Everyone will have a different experience with kratom, and your body’s physiology and the size of your dose are the most influential factors for determining how long kratom’s effects will last. However, existing research and users’ anecdotal reports generally agree that kratom’s peak effects will last for approximately three hours, with a gradual fade to follow.

While further research is necessary before we can make confident claims, this is a useful guideline for new and experienced users alike. But of course, experience is the best teacher, and it’s the only way to be sure of how our top-quality kratom will interact with your body’s unique physiology!