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Purchase Kratom with Cryptocurrency, Only at Kratom Spot!

Buy Kratom with Bitcoin

We’re thrilled to announce that customers can now purchase kratom online using cryptocurrency! After various user requests, Kratom Spot has partnered with Coinbase to bring a seamless cryptocurrency payment method.

Cryptocurrency, otherwise known as “crypto”, has taken the world by storm. The most popular form of crypto – Bitcoin – is now worth close to $60,000 each! But what are these mysterious digital currencies?

For starters, cryptocurrencies act as a secure, decentralized currency. They are not tied to any one country’s currency or financial institution. Instead, users can use crypto universally online, regardless of geographic area. Furthermore, using crypto has a variety of benefits:

  • Spend your money without the need for a bank.
  • Purchase discreetly.
  • Send and receive crypto payments from anyone in the world.
  • No banking fees!
  • Low international transaction fees.
  • Faster transaction processing times.
  • Access your cryptocurrencies easily from your phone or computer.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the wonderful world of cryptocurrency. We’ll also discuss how to purchase kratom from Kratom Spot using crypto. Let’s get started!

How to Sign Up for Coinbase

Coinbase and Kratom Spot

Before you can purchase kratom on our site using cryptocurrency, you must create a Coinbase account. Coinbase lets you buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as well as checkout on your favorite online retailers using your crypto. Think of it as an online bank account with more personal control.

To sign up, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to Coinbase’s website and enter your email address.
  2. Create your account by entering your first and last name, as well as choosing a password. Remember: cryptocurrencies are similar to digital cash. Choose a strong password and treat your Coinbase account like you would a bank account.
  3. Verify your email.
  4. Enable two-factor authentication (optional). To do this, simply enter your phone number, and Coinbase will text you a security code.  Two-factor authentication increases the security of your account because you need access to both your email and phone to make purchases.
  5. Verify your identity. Coinbase is required to do this per legal financial regulations. Banks do the same thing when you open a new account.
  6. Add payment options and start buying crypto (or start buying kratom from Kratom Spot using your new cryptocurrencies)!

How to Checkout On Kratom Spot Using Coinbase


Checkout on Kratom Spot using Cryptocurrency

Now that you have your Coinbase account, here’s how to checkout on Kratom Spot!

  1. Add your favorite kratom products to your cart.
  2. Once you’re done shopping, go to your cart and click “Checkout”.
  3. Fill in your billing details and add order notes.
  4. Once you reach the bottom of the page, you’ll see payment options. Below “Credit and Debit Cards” and “”, you’ll see “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies”. Click the bubble to choose this option.
  5. Next, click the red button labeled “Proceed to Coinbase”. From there, simply follow the on-screen instructions, and you’re on your way to crypto-kratom bliss!

The Benefits of Cryptocurrency

We’ve already given you a basic overview of the benefits of cryptocurrencies. However, let’s further examine these benefits so you can fully understand the advantages of using digital currencies.

Spend Your Money without a Bank

Most of the time, banks and other financial institutions act as middlemen on our transactions. When you make a purchase using your debit or credit card, the bank must approve the transaction. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, eliminate the need for a bank. Crypto users believe that this gives you more autonomy and control over your finances!

Purchase Discreetly

Cryptocurrency transactions are very discreet. It is very difficult for anyone to trace a transaction made using cryptocurrencies. Because of this, crypto users are offered more consumer protections than those using traditional currencies. Why? Blockchain.

We won’t get into the intricate details of blockchain. However, the basic premise is this: your transaction data is stored all over the internet, all at once. While a regular credit card transaction stores all the data within your bank, cryptos use blockchains so that no one transaction is stored in a single place. This is part of what makes crypto a “decentralized” currency, operating outside the confines of traditional currencies.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Services

When using cryptocurrency, you can easily send and receive payments from anyone in the world. This differs from traditional money transfers because you don’t need permission from your bank or financial institutions. Simply send, receive, or request crypto from anyone with a crypto account like Coinbase, easy as that!

No Banking Fees!

Yes, cryptocurrency services like Coinbase charge a small fee when purchasing crypto directly from their site. This author was charged about $3 for a $50 Bitcoin purchase. However, you will never be subjected to the expansive (and sometimes over-the-top) banking fees you’re used to! Using crypto is a great way to cut back on expensive banking fees while still keeping your finances secure.

Low International Transaction Fees

Previously, international transactions required the use of wire transfers or other complicated bank transfers. These international transaction methods also brought about high international transaction fees. Crypto, on the other hand, does not charge a ridiculous international transaction fee. In fact, most cryptocurrency-related fees stay consistent across all online purchases, international or otherwise —great news for our international kratom fans.

Faster Processing Times

Especially considering international transactions, it can take days – even weeks! – for your bank to approve a purchase. While using cryptocurrencies, transactions are authorized almost immediately! This significantly cuts down your processing times, leading to faster purchases.


One of our favorite things about crypto is the sheer accessibility. For example, you can access your Coinbase account from anywhere in the world, so long as you have your smartphone or laptop. This allows you to not only transfer funds (like you can with online banking apps) but purchase more crypto whenever you need it!

Kratom Spot: Looking Towards the Future of E-Commerce

At Kratom Spot, we believe in putting our most technological foot forward. After numerous user requests and hours of in-house research, we knew that cryptocurrency was the transaction method of the future! Are you using cryptocurrency for your Kratom Spot transactions? Let us know about your experience in the comments! We’re looking forward to a bright, kratom-filled, crypto-friendly future with all of you.