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What is Green Vein Kratom and Where Does It Come From?

Green Vein Kratom Coffee

Kratom – the pulverized leaves of the mitragyna speciosa plant – has been steadily growing in popularity within the United States and abroad.

However, because kratom is botanical in nature, many varieties of the plant exist. This diversity of choices is often disorienting for newcomers, and unfortunately, factually-founded information on the plant’s sizable variety is rare – even among seasoned experts.

So what is green vein kratom, and what makes it different from other kratom strains or colors? Let’s find out!

Green Kratom: A Brief History

Like any other variety of kratom, green leaf kratom is produced from the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa tree, a plant indigenous to Southeast Asia. The tree grows abundantly in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, where kratom farmers dry and grind the fallen leaves to produce fine-grain kratom powder.

All kratom leaves are generally green in color. However, as the name implies, the leaves of green leaf kratom are known for having green-colored veins as opposed to red or white veins. This characteristic likely occurs due to the timing of the harvest. For instance, white kratom powder is purportedly composed of young leaves with white-colored veins, while red kratom is supposedly produced from mature kratom leaves with red-stained veins.

What Is Different About Green Vein Kratom?

Green Maeng Da

Aside from altered vein coloration, the main difference between green kratom and other kratom strains seems to exist at the phytochemical level. Kratom contains naturally occurring compounds called alkaloids, and the specific concentration of these alkaloids seems to differ from leaf to leaf. The alkaloids in kratom are responsible for the plant’s diverse variety of reported psychoactive effects.

Unfortunately, the body of research surrounding the alkaloid composition of kratom strains is shallow. However, some have suggested that green vein kratom possesses higher concentrations of the mitragynine alkaloid and lower concentrations of the 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloid. This alkaloid distribution is thought to give green kratom its unique properties.

Regions Of Cultivation And Export

Green leaf kratom is grown and harvested across a diverse number of Southeast Asian locales. The primary exporter of green kratom is likely Indonesia, as kratom is not a controlled substance within Indonesian borders. However, green kratom also enjoys continued popularity and limited production in regions where it has been deemed illicit by authorities, such as Malaysia and Thailand.

Choose Quality Green Vein Kratom

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